About me

My name is Sabrina and I grew up in and around Berlin. Today I live with my family in the north of Germany. While one half of my heart beats for nature with all its creatures, the other half is always interested in the creative things in life.

So I first decided to follow one half and studied biology. I´m still happy with this decision and enjoy my work as a biologist very much but in the course of time, my creative side also began to speak up... the idea of Bioartsense was born. 

Since I have a passion for watercolour paintings, I try to realize my ideas with it. I just love when the colours start to flow into each other and the end result becomes unpredictable... just like nature. 

My biggest wish is that my art gives you joy and inspires you to support local or international conservation projects. That's why the "sense" is so important to me. Besides paintings whose proceeds I want to use for nature and animal conservation projects, I will also paint those that express my thoughts and concerns about our world. 

I am looking forward to your support and hope you enjoy my site!