About me

My name is Sabrina and I grew up in and around Berlin. Today I live with my family, a cat, some chickens and whatever else is scurrying around in our garden in a small community called Rullstorf, near Lüneburg. 

For as long as I can remember, I carry two matters of the heart within me. The mindful and respectful treatment of our nature and its living beings, and the interest in artistic subjects such as painting, music and photography. The older I got and the more I tried out, the more intensely I had to think about in which direction I wanted to go. So I decided to follow one half of my heart and studied biology. I´m still happy with this decision and enjoy my work as a biologist very much but in the course of time, my creative side also began to speak up... the idea of Bioartsense was born. 

After some experiments with oil and acrylic, I am very enthusiastic about watercolours and try to realise my ideas and motifs with it. I love it when the colours flow into each other and the end result becomes unpredictable... just like nature. Through years of trial and error and practice, I have refined my painting techniques and am still learning.

I would be very pleased if you like my watercolours and the resulting products. With a part of the proceeds I support the nature and animal conservation organisations you find on my homepage, which closes the circle to the "sense" of Bioartsense.

And now enough of words and have fun on my site! Love, Sabrina