Would you like to have your pet, a landscape, a flower or a very special birth picture of your child/children immortalised in watercolour?

I will gladly transform your desired motif into an individual watercolour painting and even create greeting cards for weddings, baptisms or anniversaries.

In the gallery you can get an impression of my painting style and my skills. Below you will find some of my previous commissions and examples.

Previous commissioned works and examples

Commissioned painting - A little fox as a loving & personal birthday present

Wolf as an example for a dog portrait

Commission - design and layout of an invitation card

Example rose blossom

Example "Tree of Life" - A wall decoration that will accompany your child for a lifetime
(Variant with background and birth data in soft pink metallic effect)

Example of a postcard matching the Tree of Life, as a thank you or greeting card for the birth.
(The hourly rate for draft and design does not apply here)

Example of a loosely painted mountain landscape

Example of favourite herbs, fruits or vegetables as wall decoration for the kitchen

What are the costs for a commissioned painting?

In principle, I cannot quote fixed prices, as each motif requires a different painting effort, which I can only estimate once I have seen the photo or we have discussed your desired motif. If your motif is beyond my painting skills, I'm afraid I'll have to refuse it, because after all, I want you to enjoy your watercolour. 

In the following you will find a price overview for some formats which you can use for orientation. All prices are for an unframed watercolour painting without background (except landscapes). Depending on the painting effort or additional service, these prices may vary.

If you need more information, would like a specific format or want to know whether I can realise your motif and what it costs, then write to me and feel free to use the contact form below or WhatsApp for this.

Formats & Prices

DIN A5 (14,8 x 21,0 cm): 45 € 

DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm): 80 €

DIN B5 (17,6 x 25,0 cm): 55 €

DIN B4 (25,0 x 35,3 cm): 100 €

Square format (20 x 20 cm): 60 €

Design & creation of cards: 15€/hour + costs for the card printing

The current delivery conditions apply to all prices

Please also read the following notes

Created with Sketch.

If you cancel an order that has already been paid and confirmed, I reserve the right to retain a fee of 25% of the total price for preparations that have already been made (adapting the motif, making sketches, working time). If, for whatever reason, I am unable to finish your painting satisfactorily, you will of course receive a full refund. Please note that depending on the order situation, I may need 1-3 months to complete your watercolour.

Rights of use: You are purchasing a watercolour painting by me for your own, private right of use. Commercial use/reproduction of my watercolour painting is not permitted, as the copyright and reproduction rights remain with me. Furthermore, after placing the order, you agree that I may use your picture for other purposes if you do not purchase it. You also agree that I may publish photos of your commissioned painting as reference/advertising on my website and social media platforms.

What do I need from you?

A good resolution photo of your desired motif or a detailed description of your idea/motif

To make the sketch, adjust the motif and see the colouring, I need a good resolution photo. If you want to have your own idea or a specific motif realised, we can discuss this in more detail. For the Tree of Life, a simple photo of the ramifications in the placenta is enough for me, but if that is too weird or uncomfortable for you, you can also send me a sketch of it.

Your colour & style preferences

Very important, as you may have preferences for certain colours or styles (bright/quiet colours, loosely painted, abstract, realistic...). Of course, I can also follow exactly the colouring and composition of the photo or paint your picture freely in my own way.

Here you can ask me your questions or book me for a commission. We will discuss everything else then.

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